Dear Friends – I am enjoying my breakfast on the terrace on the Lordos Beach Hotel – my home. It is one of those days full of sun, light and peace. We have had a few days with storm and rain and today is different – a peaceful day. It is such a wonderful feeling of joy and progress and trust in that everything is ok and we are all moving forward.
We are only around 50 guests on the hotel so there is room for much more guests. However I enjoy the quietness.

At the moment I am working on a new project which is called “RC News” RC means “Raising Consciousness”. It is an online news portal with the purpose to present news within science and shamanism about research and new result of healing and expansion of consciousness. Simply to inspire as many people as possible to realize how many options we have as human beings. And also to realize that we are so depending on the planet that we live on and we need to take care of it.

At the moment I function as editor and I am so happy to have a small team which supports me with this job. My wish is to hire a journalist sooner or later to take care of it. However I need funds for that and need support. And in the meantime we just start it up on a very basic level.

Have a Good day

Jack Makani Cyprus