April 1, 2017  00:00hrs

Is the Shift of Consciousness possible?

I am coaching a group of Executives in a beautiful and serene resort somewhere 105 KM from Kathmandu, Nepal. It is just another day for me. I was uncomfortable at subtle level within myself since yesterday. Yet, I am doing well and little behind the training & Coaching Schedule. However, I noticed that there is not much change in the level of focus, awareness and thus overall consciousness. I also know that there has been not much learning and deeper understanding of the whole teaching, indeed unusual energy level. And a moment came when the whole participants were asked for next session due at 6.30 PM after a swimming break, in years I don’t remember but decided to raise their awareness in a very different way when they returned at around 7.15 PM which is 45 mins late for the session already. These 45 mins I am with only couple of participants sitting quietly waiting for rest of the participants to come (happens one in hundred session of mine) little uneasy, unprofessional and unexpected from Executives at Retreat. Just having self talk on how to shift the entire happening.

I informed them I being upset and unhappy with their awareness level. In turn, decided to abort the Retreat right there and then, on the basis of discipline and respect. I dropped everything and walked off the Seminar Hall.
The Shift of consciousness is possible as the coaching session went until 00.45 AM as a result of shift in the process of their awareness. It has become one of the most impactful and life changing for almost all participants including mine. It is called heightened the consciousness.

Consciousness is a loosely defined concept that addresses the human awareness of both internal and external stimuli. This can refer to spiritual recognition, psychological understanding, medically altered states, or more modern-day concepts of life purpose, satisfaction, and self-actualization. I explained, processed them with Meditation empowered with selected Akasha Symbols and heightened the entire consciousness – The Shift!

Level of consciousness (LOC) is a measurement of a person’s arousability and responsiveness to stimuli from the environment. A mildly depressed level of consciousness or alertness may be classed as lethargy; someone in this state can be aroused with little difficulty.

The 7 Level of consciousness

  1. Cosmic Consciousness
  2. Collective Consciousness
  3. Super Consciousness
  4. Conscious (Mostly unconscious conscious in a hypnotic state. Many of us are at this state.)
  5. Unconscious
  6. Collective Conscious
  7. Cosmic Unconscious

Sigmund Freud divided human consciousness into three levels of awareness: the conscious, preconscious, and unconscious. Each of these levels corresponds and overlaps with Freud’s ideas of the id, ego and superego. Modern psychological approaches to understanding consciousness include developmental, social, and neuropsychological; each contributes a different understanding of what consciousness might be.

Shamans and priests defined consciousness as an awareness of being aware, commonly referred to as a branch of metacognition. … Within these nine underworlds are a specified “day” and “night”, symbolizing periods of enlightenment, increased consciousness, and a heightened ability to interact with the universe. We are already in the era of conscious co-creation.

Barrett’s seven levels of personal consciousness
Similarly, Richard Barrett proposes seven stages of consciousness that progress in a logical order. The progression focuses on “existential” needs directly connected to and dependent on the human condition, all of which are motivating factors for daily interactions.

Reference Drive
Survival Feel protected or unprotected
Relationship Feel in or out of a group
Self-esteem Feel positive or negative about yourself
Transformation Act out of your true self
Internal Cohesion Find similarities between your views and goals
Making a Difference Align your views with others to make a greater impact
Service Live through voluntary service to meet your personal goals

I started reflecting, researching and recollecting myself of the whole process. It is amazing findings that consciousness can be raised and can shift the focus to a very different level.

Always Hug & Heal
Visionary Indra, Nepal