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Wellness-If not now ,when?

We are facing a tidal wave of lifestyle disease and chronic conditions, lots of stress, and too many missed opportunities for each of us to reach our full potential. The statistics around us are overwhelming.

According to the latest World Health Organisation report on depression released for 2017, almost 7.5% of Indians suffer from major or minor mental disorders that require expert intervention. Almost 1 in 20 Indians suffer from depression. Worldwide, the prevalence of depression has increased by 18% from 2005 to 2016. At present, there are 322 million people with depression in the world!!

By and large, this tidal wave stems from our own misdoings. We have created a massive web of our own false expectations and notions, false beliefs and ideas that is blinding us to see beyond and rescue ourselves and more importantly our next generation from falling prey to it.

For ambitious, educated women in emerging markets, the future has never looked brighter. New opportunities beckon, calling for and rewarding their skills and their determination to use them. Women are surging ahead in varied fields. However when it comes to entrepreneurship we still encounter a very gloomy gender biased ecosystem.
According to facts revealed by the Sixth Economic Census by the National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO), only 14 percent of business establishments in the country are being run by female entrepreneurs.

We Care is a first of its kind initiative that is set to bridge this gap by creating a platform of women entrepreneurs from the wellness and healthcare sector.

What is We CARE?
We CARE – Women Wellness Entrepreneurs, is a platform that brings together all women wellness practitioners and experts and helps them showcase their expertise to the world. Our objective is to bring women entrepreneurs from the wellness sector under one umbrella so that they can synergize and create more value for the society and for themselves.

What is Wellness? Where are we going wrong?

Wellness, at its core, is about getting back to doing what we naturally do. Increasingly, however, we’re doing things that we’re not biologically designed to do.

We’re born to move, but our professional environment mandates us to sit. We’re biologically programmed to eat whole foods, but our super busy schedules and lifestyle prompt us to eat processed foods that are immediately gratifying, but never satisfying. We’re designed to alternate stress with relaxation, but our society idolises being busy and always on the go. We’re born to be with people, but many of us are feeling isolated in a sea of hard-driving competition, despite our ever increasing virtual networks on Facebook and LinkedIn.

We live in a world that exerts pressure to be available 24/7 and dishes up professional demands that are ever more unrelenting, with less time to rest and replenish. It’s no wonder that so many of us are feeling fatigued and unhappy.

Women Take the Stage, at We CARE
At We CARE we believe that women must take the stage if they want to emerge as successful entrepreneurs , create value for themselves and for the society at large. For women to emerge as successful entrepreneurs, they require inclusion, mentors, and sponsors.
We CARE creates that fraternity which offers all the above and helps women to thrive . Our platform offers the perfect centre stage from where women can start their entrepreneurial journey from inception into the spot light.

Our Offerings

To give wings to our venture we have come up with  an integrative health portal and e-Magazine. The portal is an all encompassing portal on holistic well being which brings together seekers as well as practitioners. The portal covers all the three essentials of wellbeing- mind, body and soul. The portal is a contemporary, intuitive medium that offers   solutions, viewpoints , articles, blogs, videos , interactive sessions and latest news from alternative healing and complementary therapies.

The e-Magazine is a monthly wellness magazine that can be subscribed by members. The magazine includes various articles and news from the wellness spectre.All the articles available on our portal and e-magazine are submitted by well-informed practitioners, medical doctors, nutritionists and members from our wellness fraternity.

The portal and magazine are the mediums on which women wellness practitioners can showcase their expertise and competence to the world. These are global platforms on which we bring mind,body soul practices including Yoga, Reiki, Meditation, and more alternative therapies together. The platform offers an opportunity for women to build their personal brand online,  show other aspirants how women can be at the heart of success, and most importantly inspire others to go out and change the world themselves.

We are so far from done

Above are just our first steps towards create a large footprint by mobilising all budding women entrepreneurs.  Our vision is to reach out to the millions of people tackling depression,anxiety and other disorders and support them with our powerhouse team of women wellness practitioners.

The coming months have a lot of rewarding activities scheduled from seminars ,workshops to wellness events. You can be a part of all theseevents too and join us as a seeker or a healer.

If you’d like to join us in our journey, write to us today at mindmatrix.pune@gmail.com

Become an associate member of the WeCare foundation today and benefit from its rich repository of articles on wellness, good living, alternative healing therapies and much more. 

You can join us as a seeker and gain from our of wellness experts.

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