Freelance journalist Johan Mikaelsson of Sweden writes:

. . .You can not mistake the Indra Gurungs good intentions. The Nepalese man has a positively charged aura around it, and a warm smile. Top of his business card, it is his intention in life: “Reaching people, Touching hearts, transforming lives” (Reaching people, touching hearts, transforming lives).

He graduated in economics (MBA), and Psychology, is the master in the Akasha healing, psychology and brain coach, also certified instructor to walk on hot coals.

At the conference of the International Peace Research Association (IPRA) in Sierra Leone’s capital Freetown in November 2016, he presented his ideas. The conference brought together 300 participants, mainly scientists and others linked to the “peace and conflict sector”. IPRA has twenty committees with different specializations in a range of fields.

The interview we make during the bus trip from the simple hotel perched on the hillsides of Freetown district Murray Town down to the conference rooms near Lumley Beach. . .

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Always Hug & Heal
Indra Gurung