Hello everybody! Sometimes I reflect on the bigger patterns I see in the world today and I would like to share some of my observations with you. I have been in the so-called Self-development business for the last 26 years and further to that I have always had an interest in collection information.

What I see today is a world in a huge transformation process like nothing else we have ever experienced before. Some trainers use the chakra system to describe it and call it the opening of the Heart Center. That can be a good way to describe it. The world is changing because we are changing. For the last couple of thousand years the solar plexus center has been the dominating chakra. And now it seems as if nature or life itself is about to take the next step and open the Heart center.

So why not see what those 2 centers are about: The solar plexus center are about me – how I use my power, how I react to the world. How I express myself. What I chose to do etc. In other words my ego. Opposite the Heart center is about we – The group I am part of. Being part of something bigger than myself. Paying respect to others, compassion love etc. To me this explains what goes on in the world. We see a shift from an old kind of world to a new kind of world. In the world of shamans they claim that the world is what you think it is. And we are expanding our thinking these years. We are raising our consciousness. More and more of us are ready for a larger framework. Ready To move into a more abstract understanding of the world.

I use to tell this story to my students: In autumn 1999 I was standing in a hotel in Sydney and tried to connect my laptop to the Internet. It was not really the internet we know today – it did not exist ad a commercial possibility at that time. It was the IBM World – Wide commercial network. It took me 2 hours to connect and send an email to my office in Copenhagen. Two hours – a 10 year old kid of today would laugh just by thinking on that.  Today we are all interconnected to each other – Even in the 3rd world everybody has a smartphone today. However it tells something about how fast our technical options have expanded during those last 17 years.

Another question to be asked is why does this transformation take place now? Well! The ancient Greeks had two kinds of time – Linear time like we us today and something they called Kairos time! Which can be translate into: Things take place at the right time! Things take place at the right time because everything is ready for it. We can say that nature or life itself are ready. Some of us would probably see a divine hand behind it. Some of us would more talk about the collective unconscious etc. There exists of course different approaches on how to explain it.

There exist a model called the neurological model to explain change on different levels of abstraction and I am sure that what is happening these years will influence all levels in this model: It will influence at the psychical level. It will change our behavior in many and is already doing that. It will change our capabilities i.e. what we are able to do and is already doing that. It will change our values and are already doing that and it will change our identity – How we see ourselves and do that already and finally it will change our vision which means how we see the whole world.   A lot of people could say “Well then OK Jack, so tell me what my future looks like?” I can´t do that of course. It totally depend on your own choices. What personal mission you chose to commit yourself to. However what I can see is that the Millenials or Generation Y tend to make other choices than the generation X and previous generations. They seem to be opposing the old hierarchies much more. We have seen it clearly in the Middle East and during the political elections the last couple of years and during World Wide protests in the world.

So let me just mention some of the trends I see at the moment. Opening for this next level of consciousness for humanity will not take place for everybody at the same time – however the process will accelerate – the more people who do it the faster it will go. Some people call it an awakening process.

The transformation process will influence economy – to minimize the gap in between rich and poor more and more governments will discuss how to make things more equal and they may choose to offer a kind of citizen salary to everybody. That discussion takes place already. Often under the headline: “Robots will steal my job” and it is true that a lot of jobs – some say 40% – will be taking over by robots. Traditionally this has just created a new kind of jobs. However work sharing and shorter working time will play a bigger role than we know from today´s organization of society.

Organization of society will change. Some leaders already talk about the Scandinavian welfare model

as a structure to look closer into. The presidential candidate in the latest US election Bernie Sanders mentioned that a lot. However this it will work only if it gets adapted into the existing society and traditions.

Religions will also be part of this process. More and more individuals find their own version of their truth and how they communicate with the spirit world. Most religions were created some thousands years ago and were of huge support to the society at that time. To remain of help for the current time religions will need to recreate themselves to support the faster growing consciousness of mankind. More and more priests and speakers within religions have already realized this.

Environment will play a big role in the discussion. More and more people believe that the Earth is a kind of living being and under huge stress due to the behavior of mankind. It means that the Earth as a living being is part of this transformation process. That understanding is spreading rapidly and will influence the creation of “green societies and green technology”. This is happening already.

The urbanization in the world are growing very fast. More and more people live in bigger and bigger cities. That create an even bigger need for recreation of life in a city. More and more mayors in the world make experiments to day into how they can make their city green and CO2 neutral. This also change the family pattern. Especially the Millenial generation make experiment into different kind of relationship. So also family pattern seems to be part of the transformation process

This huge transformation process moving so fast will of course create a lot of fear among people. Society is not stable any more so who can protect me and make sure that I can still recognize the world? Of course this is mostly part of the thinking among the elder generation. This creates breeding ground for the election of “strong” leadership. Confidence into a leader who will stop the transformation process and reverse it.  Give me a guarantee that I can keep my job etc. This is an understandable reaction of course. This kind of strong leadership will not stop the transformation process but may delay it. The process itself is initiated and motivated by life or nature itself.

The final thing I would like to mention is the influence of the mass media. The world is what we think it is and both good and bad things happen all the time in the world. However if we only hear about the bad things like disasters, wars, killing and terrorism etc. we can start to believe that this is the world at the moment. It is not. According to a number of public sources (UN) 2015 was the most peaceful year ever on the planet and 2016 seems to have been even more peaceful. As far as I can see the overall picture is that we are faster and faster moving towards a new and much more peaceful world with room for everybody. There will be some backlash for sure and it will take a lot of creativity from a lot of creative people to keep it going – I do believe they exist and will step forward at Kairos time and do what they came for. Join the process and let´s make it mainstream.

Jack Makani 18 June, 2017 Cyprus