Peace in the World! How do we ever get to that? Do we actually have a chance to live in a world with peace? That’s a good question.

It has been common understanding for years that a thought from you can reach out to the furthest corner of the universe. The idea is that your thoughts are like anything else just a piece of energy and your thinking set this piece of energy into motion. The assumption is that this piece of energy influence everything on its way. If that assumption is correct then we are influencing everything else all the time with our thinking and talking etc.

Some teachers of personal development talk about positive energy, positive vibrations etc. I think there is a point there. If you think positive then your will radiate positive energy and influence positive all around you. So imagine that we all radiated positive energy or positive vibrations around us. This would influence everybody else and create an atmosphere of positive energy all around all of us. What would be the result of that? Peace in the world!.

That means that peace in the world is not a matter for politicians only – it is a matter for you and me. It all starts within ourselves. It starts with our own vibration. We simply contribute to peace in the world or the opposite with our thinking, feelings etc.

More and more people are moving into the level of “Self-actualization” within the Maslow Heirarchy. The old theory of needs or motivation within people. More and more people feel themselves attracted into searching for answers to the questions which have been asked by humans for hundreds of generations: “Who am I? Why am I here? And what am I supposed to do”? And part of this searching for the answers often take people into self-developing systems of different kinds which offer different methods to clean out old negative emotions and increase the positive thinking.

When that happens we actually contribute to more peace in the world. Peace in the world starts with ourselves – transforming yourself into a peaceful person. And by doing that influence your surroundings, family, colleges, society etc.

Mass media report a lot of violence and killing and it is true that a lot of that take place. However it does not really change the fact that more and more people during working within self- development systems contribute more and more to make this world a more peaceful place.

In my opinion the overall trend is that we are heading for a world with more peace, love and prosperity.

In Makani Academy we have made `Peace in the World`our motto and ask you to contribute towards that in your way.

Jack Makani