Dorthe Gyldenkaerne (2)
Ms. Dorthe Gyldenkaerne CEO, partner and Trainer Makani Academy, has more than 20 years experience specially training and coaching. She holds extensive experience in Akasha Healing System, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). She has been living on the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic Ocean for 25 years and started her own company in 2007.

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Indra Gurung (4)
Mr. Indra Gurung is the Founder of Visionary International Pvt. Ltd. He is much sought after NLP Coach, Leadership & Team Building Trainer & AKASHA Healing Practitioner. He is Psychology & BrainCoach at Nepal Olympic Committee. He is MBA and certified Firewalk Instructor Trainer (UK).

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Jack Makani (4)
Jack Makani is a psychotherapist, coach, personal development coach, healer. Born in 1943 in Denmark, the first half of his life devoted to Jack military career. Since 1990, Jack holds seminars and professional training programs for NLP, coaching, hypnosis and healing. In 1998, Jack received the honorary title of Master Trainer of NLP. His contribution to the development of NLP and hypnosis was the work of a man with deep unconscious resources using the method of “Transformation of Time Line”.

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Kusum Gandhi Vig (2)

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Razee Shrestha (1)
Razee Shrestha is a psychologist who also practices healing and has a master’s degree in neuro-linguistic programming. She is the founding Director of Visionary International, ambassador @Happiness Circle, Master in Psychology, Master NLP.

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